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7 Prepper Guns That You Need to Own

Preppers love to debate over which are the essential guns needed for crises. Our list, unlike many, is not for a guy alone in his apartment, but for fathers and mothers of large families. We assume that you have children to protect. We also assume that one or more of your children may be abe to safely operate a firearm.

Here’s our list and the reasons for each.

Rifles – you need a 22 for all things, a deer rifle for hunting and sniping, and a semi-auto for fighting

  1. The Most Useful Rifle: 22 LR in Ruger 10/22. This is the 22 long arm. Google around and you’ll find that the consensus rests on this gun. It’s simple for young people to operate. It’s semi-automatic. It’s reliable.
  2. The Hunting/Sniping Rifle: Deer Rifle in 270 Win, 270 Wby, 300, 308, or 30-06. The most important element here is the scope. The rule of thumb is pay more for the scope than you do for the gun.
  3. The Battle Rifle: Most guys go right out an buy this gun first because it’s “fun.” You might want to rethink that. Owning an AR-15 or an AK-47 doesn’t make you a Prepper. Yes, these are the fun guns. Either one is fine. You’ll get into fist fights over this in Prepper forums. Basically, it comes down to this: AKs are more powerful and more dependable, and ARs are more accurate, lighter, and more customizable. Saint Thomas Aquinas once said that the contemplative life is better than the active life, but that the contemplative life combined with the active life is even better than either alone. That’s how I feel about battle rifles: I like the AR better than the AK, but I like own both at the same. Why not have both if you can afford it?
Handguns – you need to carry something with knockdown power. 9mm is as low as I would go, 40 cal is medium, and 45 ACP is the most powerful
  1. A Glock or a Sig Saur in 9mm and/or 40 cal and/or 45 ACP. Glock people hate Sig people and vice versa. It’s like the Jews and and the Samaritans. Just avoid the fight. If you think of handguns like pick-up trucks, then you’ll like the Glock. If you think of handguns like SUVs, then you’ll like the SIG.
  2. Another of the same style or model. Everybody teens and up should have a handgun and know how to safely operate it. Keep the make, model, and calibre the same for compatibility.
  3. A 1911 style 45 ACP handgun. This is the handgun. It only holds 7-8 rounds and it is heavy. But it is so dependable and probably the coolest handgun ever made.


  1. 12 gauge pump by Mossberg or the Remington 870. If you don’t own a gun, this should be your first purchase.

Most important of all – you must own a safe for protection and so that you’re children don’t accidentally kill themselves or someone else. It’s no good to spend $15,000 on guns and have them stashed under your bed. Get a decent safe and keep the firearms safe.

One more thing, many guys spend a lot on guns, but then don’t buy lots of ammo to practice. You need to shoot at least 12 times per year.


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